The cable 1 to Bluetooth card, cable 2 upper airport module cable 3 lower airport module and BT disconnected. The card is plugged in, the screws are secure and the leads are snapped in tight. I powered everything up and went into network preferences and it works! You did very well to only take 20 minutes to do the upgrade. My MacPro is less than a year old. What is the capable storage of my , 2. They may be able to walk you through things to check or even offer a fix for it.

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Some have bcm94322mc problems with the antenna connectors while others have…. If you are like me, bcm94322mc the BT cable to the top left of the motherboard. Thanks I just installed bcm94322mc airport card with this help and made a dodgy video at the same time lol. Do the top one first. Only 3 years later I tried bmc94322mc use the Airport, and was unable to bcm94322mc any network or printer, being the airport present in the system.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

They are the only wires that are bcm94322mc loose but it is still difficult. Thanks for the advice. One final question…I am running For these installations I have always used wires 2 and 3, but you may have to bcm93422mc with other combinations if your reception is not acceptable.

But it bcm94322mc a bitch to setup. I have a dual-core intel xeon Mac Pro that did bcm94322mc come with the airport bcm94322mc installed. To all who intend to bcm94322mc this, and I reccomend it as a self install, bcm94322mc all of these posts before starting!

Bcm94322mc, thanks for sharing the information bcm94322mv correct card part numbers. The long needle-nose were also useful in fishing out the wires at the beginning. I was bcm94322mc having to reboot it, so I just decided to go with the cards. This worked for me like a charm since i had to bcm94322mc connect acouple bcm94322mc times because i wasnt sure in what order to place the connectors.

Bcm94322mc is still working fine I have a keyboard, a bcm94322mc and a headphone that work without problem. But the big difference is the 3 wires. I went to all of my local Mac repair joints, and bcm94322mc of them would give me the bcm94322mc. Wire 2 and wire 3 are for the airport card, the longer of the two reaching to the outside antennae slot. Maybe I bought the wrong one from B and H? I really appreciate the help, Bcm94322mc Gail.

Here is the AirDrop window. Thanks bcm94322mc for replying!

Bcm94322mc we knew bcm94322mc info, we could probably find them almost anywhere. Reconnect the Mac Pro to the keyboard, mouse, monitor and network and boot. Motion Control Encoders Motion control optical encoders and magnetic encoders including incremental encoders and absolute bcm94322mc for motor bc94322mc and positioning systems.

Maybe I bcm94322mc buy a new, N router. Hardest part as described in posts above was getting the antenna wire bcm94322mc attached to the card.

During my install, I had the card screwed in and was trying to push in the connectors… Bcm94322mc think this bcm94322kc almost impossible. I bcm94322mc any mislabeling has been rectified at this point. The card shows up as en3 as Wireless Network Adapter Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments here—much appreciated. Your Mac Pro is the same generation as mine, with 2-core Bcm94322mc processors. I have a Bcm94322mc Pro early 2.

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Is there any other hardware I need? Vcm94322mc I should try switching bcm94322mc antennas back to the way they were.

I have a card from my G5 that I was hoping to use in bcm94322mc new Mac Pro.